Abraham Dunovits

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Abe has been making music for a few decades.  In his heady early days, he was informed by early Rock and Roll and Rockabilly, Blues, Classical, Spanish and South American folk music styles. There is a musical melange in his mind that drives him to create triumphant music, literature and art, which has been described as unconventional, inspired, avant-garde, luminary and memorable. 


There is no doubt that his work carries a deep sensibility and sense of empathy for his immediate world. A firecracker on stage, Abe always looks beyond the fragility of life to conquer different sound and visual dimensions, tapping into a primal force. You will always find varied cultural, linguistic and artistic references if you dig deeper into his songs. Musically, he cannot help create stingingly infectious happy tunes.

Born in Argentina in 1972, he lived his early years in an oppressive military regime, fleeing poverty with his family and a one-way ticket to the then prosperous Madrid, where he encountered the fiercely ebullient blossoming social, art and music scene of early 80’s Spain. Following this rocky transition of migration, he studied guitar with influential Spanish musicians of the time as well as delving into percussion and songwriting. He studied the Classics of Rock, Art, Literature and Film. Working as a roadie with his brother in the busy Madrid music industry, Abe learned the ropes and rigours of working in bands.

Upon his family’s second migration to Australia, he turned the depressing lonely alienation of cultural displacement into a passion for writing. Abe got into the burgeoning original music scene of 90’s Perth, where he lived for over 20 years writing, performing, recording and releasing music with groups of diverse styles, such as Pop Rock, Experimental, Performance, Latin and African. He taught music in high schools and inspired many students to get into music and form their own bands. He wrote and performed poetry alongside his music career, which allowed his creative freedom to filter through into his songwriting, pushing boundaries of structure, style, language and sound.

At the same time, he was deep into music creation, he developed a career in the visual arts, equally innovative and daring, tapping into the sensibilities of the avant-garde with his transformative sculptural work.  Using recycled and cheap materials, Abe spontaneously designs and puts together artworks that defy styles and conventions.  These artworks are elegantly amusing and out-of-left-field common.  Sometimes he creates musical instruments in the same way.

You can even find meaning in his gibberish messages, because in Abe’s world, any way is a valid form for communication. 

In 2018 he published his first book of poetry Cardboard Poetry is Everything to Me. in English and Spanish through the Melbourne publisher A Voz Limpia.  This book is available through his contact and it features ten years of  poetry writing.

Abe released a solo album, Sigh of the Times, in  the 2020 Melbourne lockdown, inspired by his dad going into care from dementia and his passing,  the environment and current world events. The recording features Abe on all the instruments, composition, video and production. Abe was nominated for the Victoria Music Award in 2021.

Abe's latest album and video Transparent is due for release in September 2021.