Abraham Dunovits

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1991-Rockfish (unreleased tape)
1992- Rosie's Kitchen (Album tape)
1993- The Whitlam Years, Life after Death (Album tape)
1995-Spooky, On the Quiet (EP)
1996-Spooky, Transister (Album) 
1995- Tinuyar (solo EP, released 2021)
1996- Spooky, Transister (Album)
1998-2002- Ray Unit ( drop-in releases)
2004- Shangara Jive (Album)
2005- Funkalleros (Album)
2008- Funkalleros, Casserole of Humanity (Album)
2010-Funkalleros, Spirit of Lullaboop (Album)
2011- New Cosmick System (album)
2012- Corazon de Nueva York (Solo EP)
2013-The Recovering Buddy Hollicks (drop-in  copies)
2014- Funkalleros, Volvere (Unreleased EP)
2016- Amaru Tribe (Album)
2017-Funkalleros, Santo Matador (EP)
2018- Nnnnnnn (Solo poetry album)
2020- Sigh of the Times 
2021- Transparent 
2022- Saved by the Taco Bell
2022- Charango Unchained
2023- Odd Socks
2023- Ai Reserso Est (with Ashley J Higgs)
2023- Migrant's Cumbia (single with Little Chilli)
2023- Kolonialista (single with Mito Elias)
2023- Don't Talk to Me (single with Rochelle O'Reilly) 
2023- Aunai: First Encounter (Ashley J Higgs and Mito Elias) 
2024- Calypso Love, solo Album 
(All releases not online are available on request
abedunovits at yahoo dot com dot au )