Abraham Dunovits

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An artist friend describes Abe as a "Renaissance man" for his passion, energy and immense talent in many fields of art.

Abe is, in fact, a luminary musician, artist and teacher born in Argentina via Spain who has lived in Australia since he was in his teens.  His music accomplishments encompass playing several instruments such as the guitar,  bass, singing, percussion and piano in a variety of styles and genres. He is an experienced performer, from the streets to festival stages having recorded and produced his original music professionally since 1989 both as a solo act and with bands. He has even coined the term "Alt-Latin", by which he means "an alternative to what people call Latin music".  Abe's influences are as varied as they come: Experimental/Noise, multi-ethnic Folk Music, Blues, Jazz, Spanish Rumba and Rock styles.

Abe's musical vision seeks to attain a spiritual connection of body and mind through the exact simplicity in lyrics, the hypnotic nature of rhythms and an unusual melodic interaction of instruments.  This tangential, intuitive course allows for a unique expression.

Alongside his passion for music, Abe has a professional exhibiting career as an artist with solo and group exhibitions in Australia and overseas. He works with found object sculpture, drawing, painting and video installation. Performance art, slam poetry and experimental music performance are also part of his artistic career, working with self-made, electronic and unconventional instruments in formal and informal settings. Abe has created experimental videos for his performances and art projects, in which he sometimes acts.

In 2018 he published his first book of poetry in English and Spanish through the Melbourne publisher A Voz Limpia.  This book is available through his contact and it features ten years of  poetry writing.

Abe released a solo album in 2020 Melbourne lockdown, inspired by his dad going into care from dementia and his passing,  the environment and current world events. The recording features Abe on all the instruments, composition and production.